Revit Template Guide

Revit Template Guide


Template creation is an integral part of Building Information Modeling that enables your business, organisation or project to have the initial core components for the implementation of the approach in your projects. The Revit template guide ensures team members understand and capitalise on the benefits of the full range of attributes embedded in the template file.

The template can effectively imbue each new project with the benefits of successful developments made during preceding projects. The template acts as a catapult at project start up providing the team with the best possible launch while removing the need to repeat much of the set up work.

BIMIOS will provide a number of elements for you to be able to get underway with BIM, including:

  • Set up Basic template
  • Set up Titleblocks
  • Adapt template to contain any required Views
  • Alter Browser Organisation to suit
  • Create any basic Schedules required
  • Load in any basic families required
  • Bespoke the template with regards to annotation items
  • Set up AutoCAD layers standards for export